Tomcat Enumerator (for MSF)


The Tomcat Enumerator for Metasploit Framework

Gave myself a speed-coding challenge. have to introduce fun into coding or I will never do it. so i wanted to create something for the community that will allow fast enumeration of a Tomcat application server via the Metasploit Framework. I set myself for 2 hours this time , since it required building an environment, testing several installations and wiping bugs myself ( I should teach my wife some Ruby ! ), challenge complete.

enum_tomcat, What does it do ?

enum_tomcat is a post exploitation module (in the MSF repository as post/windows/gather/enum_tomcat) that operates as an enumerator over a meterpreter session on Windows, and evaluates the server for existing Tomcat server installations, and then enumerates the ports, users and main application (ROOT). services will be reported to the service repository, and everything else to the loot repository.

How can you get a copy ?

As a Metasploit pen tester, you should have access to update the repository every now and then, and therefor a simple msfupdate should do the trick. In order to use the module, you need to first obtain a meterpreter session (I am not going to dive into that, that is part of the pen testing scope of work and knowledge), you then need to issue the following command : run post/windows/gather/enum_tomcat.

As always, This is an Open Source contribution to the project, and therefor is available to everyone who wishes to use it.

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