Who Am I ?

My name is Barry Shteiman.BarryShteiman_sep2013

A family guy, technology junkie, and a silicon valley resident.

Ever since I can remember myself I was always that guy that was into breaking things.. expensive things.. which initially lead to a life of a young boy who cant tell right from wrong, and just tries to bend the simple things and the beeping things, and progressed through the years to a career software development and progressed into computer systems security and security research.

What I Do

During day time, when i’m not batman, I am a security researcher, working for a user behavior analytics startup, holding several patents.

I have conducted research in multiple information security domains and have consulted or worked directly with Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies and hold the at most respect for the CISO’s day to day challenge.

I am a public speaker in the space of information security.


For SPAM reasons, I don’t put my email address in this site, however my social links ( any of the buttons on the upper right ) should direct you to my personal pages where I can be contacted.


This site, represents myself and my own experience and opinions, and does not in any case, form and opinion – represents any company that I work for, or any client that I worked with. Research conclusions I post here are my own.