Confessions of a Dangerous Mind


Who Am I ?

My name is Barry Shteiman.

A family guy, technology junkie, and a silicon valley resident.

Ever since I can remember myself i was always that guy that was into breaking things.. expensive things.. which initially lead to a life of a young boy who cant tell right from wrong, and just tries to bend the simple things and the beeping things, and progressed through the years to a career software development and progressed into computer systems security and leisure security research.

What I Do

During day time, when i’m not batman, I work for a well known application security company, leading the security strategy side of the game. raising application security space awareness. I connect research and technology with emerging threats and trends.

In the after hours, I still break stuff… that never changed.

Why/What is Sectorix ?

its been almost 20 years since I got that handle. an online nickname that I used as an online identity ever since I first came across the networked world, that started for me as BBSs phone line networks, and evolved into whatever we can name the Internet today.

it stood for Sector-X at first. that was the first computer virus i ever wrote as a kid that basically wiped the boot record of the mighty 40mb drives I used to play around with, and it just stuck as a nickname ever since, why change now ?

How To Contact Me ?

For SPAM purposes I dont put my email address in this site, however my Social links ( any of the buttons on the upper right ) should direct you to my personal pages where I can be contacted.


This site, represents myself and my own experience and opinions, and does not in any case, form and opinion – represents any company that I work for, or any client that I worked with. Research I post here is my own.