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HULK, Web Server DoS Tool

Introducing HULK (Http Unbearable Load King). In my line of work, I get to see tons of different nifty hacking tools, and traffic generation tools that are meant to either break and steal information off a system, or exhaust its resource pool, rendering the service dead and putting the system under a denial of service. […]

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Finding the best Web DoS Attack Url

Background To establish common ground, I would like to start by explaining some theory behind DoS attacks on the HTTP attack vector. An HTTP DoS attack is usually not based on a vulnerability or known flaw in a web server or a service, instead – its the attempt to bring a server down by using […]


Looking into

I had some time finally to play around with Refref ( originally written for Anonymous ), and i really liked it. for those of you who are unfamiliar with Refref, it is an application denial of service tool, which uses an interesting vector of attack making it very effective. to my knowledge it exists as […]

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The new iPad as a Business Tool

I decided to stop carrying my laptop to business meetings. no use. I got to a point where I feel that I carry a bulky bag full of unneeded  cables adapters and others where the only time I need it is when my clients require my hands-on expertise. today with the purchase of the new […]

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My Old Blog

Today, im moving into, after using Blogger for years as my blog host. I dont know why i moved exactly, i just wanted a wordpress blog that i can use going forward, and to mark a new path in the way i blog, get back into focus and have a more clear mind. I […]

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